Classic Soccer Cleats

Find Your Favorite Classic Soccer Cleats and Football Boots For Sale!


Purchasing an item means you agree to the terms listed below.  No exceptions


All sales are final

All sales are final.  Payments will be processed through Paypal Express checkout, or Square payment processing.  All payments are secured by these services.  All major credit cards are accepted.


If by odd chance the wrong item is delivered, please contact us immediately.  A return shipping label will be sent and a refund will be issued after the item is shipped back.

Are the prices negotiable?

Yes they are!  If you are seriously interested in purchasing a pair and want to make a "best offer" please contact us through email or on Instagram.  We can try to work out a deal that works for the both of us.

What happens if the cleats rip or break?

Many of these cleats are collectible and can be from 5, 10,15, even 20 years ago.  

If they rip or break from use a refund WILL NOT be issued.  Play with them at your own risk.  

If the cleats have severe damages that make them unusable, then it will be mentioned in the listing that they are only two be used for collecting.

Due to the age, I cannot make any guarantees they will survive the test of time.  While it is very rare that they won’t hold up, there have been a few instances where they have been damaged easily.  It is very unfortunate, but as I’ve mentioned, there aren’t any guarantees.  If you would like a guarantee, then I suggest purchasing newer or recent models from other retailers.  

What happens if I order the wrong size?

Many of these items are collectible and not sold in stores anymore. If it does not fit, a refund WILL NOT be issued.  If you have any questions prior to ordering, please contact us so we can try to help.

Customs/ Import fees

As the seller, I am not responsible for paying any customs or import fees your country may charge.  

If you are required to pay a fee, you must pay it, or else the item will most likely not be delivered.  

If you fail to pay it, and the item is delivered back to me, you must pay the shipping cost again to receive your item.  A refund will not be issued for failure to pay your customs fees.